North Elba projects receive significant support
LEAF has awarded more than $740,000 to the North Elba community.
By News Report

LAKE PLACID | The North Elba Local Enhancement and Advancement Fund (LEAF) awarded funds to several local organizations.

North Elba LEAF is a dedicated and ongoing fund available to nonprofits, local governments, and public sector organizations within the Town of North Elba. Monies for the fund are derived from a dedicated 2% Essex County occupancy tax that was implemented by the Essex County Board of Supervisors in June 2020. The mission of North Elba LEAF is to provide funds for programs, activities, and facilities that will have a direct benefit to the community and improve the quality of North Elba for both residents and visitors.

“The funds available from LEAF will improve the quality of place for both residents and visitors,” North Elba Town Supervisor Jay Rand said. “The LEAF Committee went through a very detailed process of reviewing projects and programs, and we feel those approved best reflect the mission of LEAF.”

The projects recommended by the LEAF committee and approved by the Town of North Elba were submitted by the following 19 nonprofits, local governments, and public sector organizations: Lake Placid Community Beautification Association, Inc.; North Elba Park District; Adirondack Medical Center; Homestead Development Corp.; North Elba Youth Commission; Shipman Youth Center; Digital Abraham Inc.; John Brown Lives!; Lake Placid Middle/High School; Lake Placid Volunteer Ambulance Service; American Legion Post 326; Adirondack Mountain Club; Cornell University Uihlein Maple Research Forest; Town of North Elba; Village of Lake Placid; Lake Placid Municipal Electric; Friends of Moody Pond; Lake Placid Land Conservancy; and Lake Placid Sinfonietta.

Total funds awarded was $740,553.53 for the following projects:


Lake Placid Community Beautification Assoc., Inc. $50,000 for holiday decorations and water-conserving pots.

North Elba Park District. $39,352.59 for purchase of a Kubota RTV multipurpose vehicle with attachments.

Adirondack Medical Center. $39,135 for serving athletes and the community.

Homestead Development Corp. $125,000 for the Fawn Valley.

North Elba Youth Commission. $7,000, and $39,807 for the Shipman Youth Center to attract more students to the center.

Digital Abraham Inc. $2,700 for completion of the roof project.

John Brown Lives! $12,000 for All Welcome Here!, engaging children and families at the farm.

Lake Placid Middle/High School. $50,000 for cafeteria improvement.

Lake Placid Volunteer Ambulance Service. $147,000, Vehicle Replacement Program.

American Legion Post 326. $5,000 for Hometown Heroes.

Adirondack Mountain Club. $50,000 for improving accessibility on the Mt. Jo Long Trail.

Cornell Univ. Uilein Maple Research Forest. $5,897 for a self-guided tour and educational nature trail of maple syrup production.

Town of North Elba. $9,500 for virtual meeting streaming equipment.

Village of Lake Placid. $150,000 for the Mirror Lake Beach Dock.

Lake Placid Municipal Electric. $2,730 for a banner bracket system update.

Friends of Moody Pond. $7,500 for removal of Eurasian Watermilfoil.

Lake Placid Land Conservancy. $2,681.94.

Tools of Engagement, Lake Placid Sinfonietta. $2,750 for Music Library Catalog Project.

North Elba LEAF prioritizes projects that meet the mission of the fund and are catalysts for new programming or offerings for the community. LEAF grants are not intended to fund current iterations of programs for eligible organizations.

For future applicants, find application and scoring criteria at The next round of applications will be accepted no later than Feb. 1, 2022, and approved by the town board no later than May 10, 2022.